buy from me

Hi I am a jr. girl scout so I would really like it if you bought some cookie sfrom me

please buy cookies from troop 45599 thanks and ask for cookies from mmmmmmmeeeee

thats caroline thanks .

Tips for selling girl scout cookie booths

when selling girl scout cookies ….

. always be super perky and nice

. do not ever be shy

. say hello and ask every one to buy cookies

. have your math facts down for counting money for exsample

a box of girl scout cookies costs $4.00 each a lady wants to buy five boxes of girl scout cookies how much money does she owe you?

its simply just 4 x 5 of five  grops of four

. dont let your partner take over

. dont be a slacker

. thank them even if they dont get cookies


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About Me

HI my name is Caroline

my favorite color is pink ,my favorite animal is a dog

I have an older brother named Joe and a younger sister named Catherine. I have two dogs there names are Ginger and Trudy.